Jacques Le Couer de Luxe

Waist width, in 13.39 13.98 14.57 15.16 15.75
Hips width, in 20.08 21.06 22.05 23.03 24.02
Length, in 10.31 10.79 11.26 11.73 12.20

This limited-edition Women's Relaxed Shorts in vibrant colors designed for summer days will have you ready to flaunt your curves in style. Slip into these relaxed and comfortable shorts, featuring a zipper fly, 4 custom pocket design with coin pocket and cotton twill fabric that's just perfect to soak-in the sun. Its unique one-of-a-kind design available exclusively during the three annual design drops makes this a must-have addition to your wardrobe. #shorts #womensfashion #summerstyle #style #ootd #comfortwear #coinshorts #vibrantcolors #limitededition #summerfashion #zipperfly